Shares Drive 2018/2019

Based on our Asset Base of 3.2 Billion Kenya Shillings, Kitui Teachers Sacco is still ranked as Medium by the Sacco Regulatory Authority (SASRA). We would like to improve our profile and join the premier club of SACCOs ranked Large by raising our asset base to 5 Billion Shillings and above.

With the authority of the AGM, the Board was allowed to source for more funds through the issuance of a Shares Drive. The SACCO’s Strategic Plan for the 2015 – 2019 identified a Shares Drive as the most suitable financiang option for boosting the Core Capital of the SACCO.

We anticipate raising a net of KES 300 Million – funds that will boost our Core Capital, allows us to purchase members’ bank loans, stabilize our cash flow, help us build a worthy office block, and cushion the SACCO from external financial turbulence.

To find out more, please download the following material:

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