About Us

Kitui Teachers Sacco was founded in 1976 by 11 members with the overall objective of according each other a place to save and borrow funds. Actual lending did not start until 1978.

Initially, membership was restricted to teachers under the employ of the Government of Kenya; but the Society officially changed its by-laws and opened common bond in 2008 to absorb the employees from other government ministries and organizations.

Today, the Society has over 20,000 active members!

Our Guiding Principles

Our Society operates under the following general principles which guide the operations:

  1. Voluntary and open membership
  2. Democratic administration and members’ leadership -members participate in developing policies and making decisions pertaining Sacco management and operations
  3. Member Economic participation – members contribute shares, deposits, and savings and borrow loans for their investments and development
  4. Continuous education to members and Sacco leaders – the society carries out members’ education program every year.
  5. Autonomous and self help -it’s controlled and run by members.
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility –the Sacco gives back to the community by participating in communal activities e.g visiting special schools and other community activities
  7. Cooperation among Sacco socities-saccos cooperate among themselves at County, National and even International levels to formulate their policies, debate on regulations and learn from each other.

Our Core Values

Our core values reflect the deeply held standards which guide the way we relate to each other, our members and in service delivery. In order to facilitate and support the achievements of our vision and mission, the following values guide operations, behavior and building of our Sacco culture.

• Efficiency in service delivery •

• Accountability and Integrity •

•Loyalty and Commitment •

•Faithfulness •

•Compliance •

•Teamwork •

•Honesty •

•Respect •

•Patience •

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